Trippplet Productions tm is a multi-faceted corporation whose core is music. We integrate the music core with unique and exciting products and services that include music composition, arranging, recording, promotion, corporate and charity event planning and management, and video and music presentations. Trippplet Productions is based in the Washington DC area with affiliations and properties both nationally and worldwide.

Each of the three Trippplet Partners/Co-Producers has broad experience and skill in the entertainment industry.  When combined, the synergistic effect of their talent is extraordinary. The word "Trippplet" in our name is a variation on the word triplet,  the music symbol for three notes played in one beat.  Our logo and the musical term describe perfectly the harmony of our three partners

An American Musical Landscapetm is a multimedia tour of American music, places, history, and culture. Take the tour, while listening to America's most memorable songs and watching exquisite scenic and historical photos and videos. Great musicians and singers transport you on a fast-paced trip through the sites, sounds and cultures of the varied genres of American music and the regions where they were born.
Keynotestm A Capital Musical Landscape takes you on a live multimedia tour of music that was written or performed by artists from the DC Capital Region, ranging from Duke Ellington to the Starland Vocal Band. Fast-paced narrations introduce each artist, and weave together their interesting stories and interconnections. We can bring everything needed - performers, sound, lights, and videos - to present this fun-filled musical revue at your location.
IslandScapes tm is a Bermuda and Caribbean theme multimedia tour of the tropical music, places, history, and culture. Great musicians and local entertainers and singers transport you to the islands with their regional sounds and cultures. Islandscapes treats you with memorable songs and entertainment while watching exquisite tropical scenic photos and videos.
Nashville Connections tm allows you to experience the friendly, relaxed atmosphere of Nashville's famed Bluebird Café but in Washington D.C. This unique, multi-genre night of music connects Billboard chart-topping songwriters from Nashville with popular Washington DC singer/songwriters.
Divas of DC tm is a benefit show featuring the DC area’s finest female vocalists representing several musical genres – including jazz, blues, pop, and R&B. All proceeds from the show are provided to local charities. Past shows have provided over $20,000 to the local charities of Washington D.C.

Trippplet Production produced a DVD for UNIFEM the United Nations Development Fund for Women. The United States National Committee for the United Nations Development Fund works toward a world where women live free from poverty, violence and inequality.  Founded in 1983, the U.S. National Committee supports UNIFEM in over 100 countries around the world to reduce women’s poverty and exclusion, end violence against women and girls, halt the spread of HIV/AIDS among women and girls, and support women’s leadership in governance and post-conflict reconstruction. The DVD is being used to promote UNIFEM's work and proceeds from the sale of the DVD are used to support UNIFEM. You may view the "Touch The Sun" Video by clicking HERE.

For more information, please visit Unifem USA


Channeling Patsy Cline tm is both the name of the project and the name of the title song written by Danielle Westphal. Produced at Tail Spin Studio, Channeling Patsy includes the talent of Ken Giese and the legendary Hall of Famer Buddy Charlton on Steel Guitar. Trippplets Production is producing recordings of original songs about Patsy and a video tour of "Patsyland." Proceeds from these products and related merchandise are earmarked to benefit the Patsy Cline Museum and the Patsy Cline charities and fan club, as well as the City of Winchester.
Tail Spin Studios tm is closely integrated with the services of Trippplet Productions. Tail Spin's capabilities included principal photography, video production, audio engineering, recording, mixing, mastering, DVD production, CD production and sound reinforcement and theatrical lighting design.


Danielle Westphal has been singing in the Washington, DC area for years in prestigious venues such as the White House, Kennedy Center, and Blues Alley. Danielle released a CD of jazz standards, and is working on her first CD of original songs.  She also co-produces the Divas of DC charity concert. Ken Giese is a prolific songwriter, talented musician, singer, and producer. He released a 10-song studio CD titled "Next of Ken" performed by the Circle K Band.  Ken performs regularly with the Idle Time Band and others.  He markets his and friends' songs, CDs and other collections, videos, and bands through his company Idol Time Arts and website Katherine Queen A graduate of MIT, owns Tale Spin Studios, a recording studio and video production company.  She writes and arranges music, plays keyboards, stringed and other instruments, is a master recording engineer and produces audio and video multimedia. Katherine has released a CD of her jazzy instrumentals titled "Take Off". Katherine is also the pilot of our corporate aircraft.
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