Nashville Connections - 2004 Show was a huge success!
Blues Alley ... Nashville Connections Show - June 7, 2004 CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
June 7, 2004 - Blues Alley presented the first Nashville Connections show. Producers and co-hosts, Danielle Westphal and Ken Giese performed their original songs and presented a wonderfully entertaining evening of music and the stories behind the music.

Artists included: Buzz Cason ("Everlasting Love"), Walter Egan ("Magnet and Steel"), Eric Brace (Last Train Home) and Carol Gaylor (local singer/songwriter).

Pianist, Dan Reynolds was the accompanist extraordinaire ... as always ... and the talented Kevin Cordt added the perfect touch with his golden trumpet.
Standing (left to right) musicians: Walter Egan, Dan Reynolds, Buzz Cason, Ken Giese, Danielle Westphal, Eric Brace, Carol Gaylor, Kevin Cordt. Seated: (Blues Alley General Mgr) Ralph Camilli
Buzz Cason - Songwriter of "Everlasting Love", "Love's the Only House" and many other country music hits, was the featured guest at the first Nashville Connections show. CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
Walter Egan thrilled the Blues Alley crowd with his chart-topping hit "Magnet and Steel." CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
Eric Brace, of Last Train Home, brought laughter to the room with his humorous song, "Doughnut Girl." CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
"Looking for Mr. Wrong" - a new original debuted by Carol Gaylor at the Nashville Connections show. CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
Nashville Connections Producer and co-host, Danielle Westphal brought a couple of her new songs to the Blues Alley stage and engaged the crowd with her smooth vocals and warm personality. CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO
Ken Giese, Danielle's co-host and co-producer of Nashville Connections, performed his signature song, "Not Tonight." CLICK PHOTO FOR VIDEO